Affordable Care Act – “Giving To” or Costing The Middle Class?

To quote Jack Lew, President Obama’s Chief of Staff – on This Week and Meet the Press (6/30/2012), the Affordable Care Act is going to “give” middle class Americans –

  • Insurance for kids up to age 26
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • No Life-time caps on benefits
  • Tax credits worth $4000 a year
  • Closure of Medicare Prescription “Doughnut Hole”

Who/what is going to pay for all these things the government is “giving” away??

  • Businesses, who bear the major cost of health care for the insured
  • Taxpayers, who bear 100% of the cost of Medicaid and 70 to 80% of the cost of Medicare.
  • Patients whose insurance plans will pay the new $500B in taxes on medical devices, etc..
  • The insured, who after 2018 still have plans that include extras like vision care –
  • The insured, who will continue to pay for uncompensated care provided to illegal immigrants.

Speaking of business.

  • Big American companies – i.e. Ford, GM, Cisco, etc.. – all self–insure.
  • Courts may consider it employment discrimination not to hire a qualified candidate who has a dependent requiring life-time care – ?
  • For small employers, one big claim can result in unaffordable premium increases –
  • How many employees will qualify for subsidies in insurance exchanges, as a result?

Voters are instinctively suspicious of the Affordable Health Care Act – just like any “free lunch”!

We don’t need a vote in Congress to repeal the Act.

We need a far-reaching national debate about how to replace it with something that works –

  • Easily understood and equally applied to all
  • Preserves individual freedom and choice
  • Fosters innovation in medicine and care delivery
  • Simple to administer
  • Paid for from day one.

Let’s acknowledge the nonsense about “giving”anything to anyone.

Entitled does not mean free!!



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