A Primer in National Planning –

Voters are hearing a lot about Plans – or more correctly about the absence or inadequacy of the presidential candidates’ plans — during this election campaign season –

That begs the question, do voters understand what a Plan is?

More importantly, why a capital P Plan to Restore America is so important –

A Plan is a process.  Its a set of actions that, if taken together, will achieve a certain outcomes.

  • For example, the Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction Plan –
    • Has an objective – reduce the Federal Budget Deficit by $4B in 10 years
    • Consists of several specific actions –
      • Tax Reform
      • Entitlement Reform
      • Government Spending Reform
    • Is supported by a budget
      • How much will it cost.
    • And has measurable outcomes
      • Increased tax revenue
      • Extending Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds
      • Reducing government borrowing

Several plans can exist in parallel –

  • An Energy Plan
  • An Education Plan
  • An Immigration Plan

But they cannot be optimized unless there is an overall Plan to Restore America –

  • The separate plans need to be integrated
    • Obviously to reduce cost and duplication
  • More importantly, however, because its a known fact that every action in a plan triggers a likely reaction in another plan –
    • For example, a successful Education Plan is driven by the job demands of a successful Energy Plan
    • And the Energy Plan depends on a trained and educated work force –
    • Most importantly, the tighter the integration of Plans – action triggering reaction – the faster the economy will grow
      • And the more good paying, middle class jobs will be created.

Creating jobs is an outcome of every effective Plan – but it’s not a plan in itself. 

Moreover, an integrated Plan to Restore America would enable Congress to design a comprehensive Infrastructure Plan –

  • Electrical Grid
  • Broadband and Telecommunications
  • Where and what kind of roads should US build
  • Where should mass transit dollars be expended

A Plan to Restore America would be a clear statement of common national objectives. 

  • The exact opposite of micro-targeting

And would lead us full circle to the original Plan for America — The US Constitution –

  • “to form a more perfect Union” –
    • “promote the general Welfare”
      • “and secure the Blessings of Liberty”

for us all –

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