2012 Political Conventions Are Over But Voters Not Convinced –

The 2012 Republican and Democratic conventions are history.

There are few truly undecided voters – at least among those who tell pollsters that they are “likely to vote”.

But there are many voters who remain unconvinced that either candidate has a plan for the future.

That’s the disappointment of both conventions.  Neither President Obama or Governor Romney laid out a plan that the voters might find courageous for its specificity as well as plausible – even if painful.

One claims he will create 12M jobs.  The other, made modest by experience, claims at least 1M new jobs will be created.

  • Memo to the candidates:  3M kids graduated from high school this past June.
    • The US economy needs to create 12M new jobs over the next four years just to maintain the employment rate.
  • And what about falling wages and lagging productivity?

What would trigger the creation of these jobs

  • Hint:  its not raising taxes on the “rich” or temporary tax credits for hiring the unemployed.
  • Nor is it lower tax rates
  • Or just reducing regulation

Over the last 4 years the US has slipped from first to seventh in global competitiveness but neither candidate mentioned it.

Talk of balancing the federal budget has all but died away.  In its place are arguments about what ongoing rate of borrowing is acceptable.

  • Ending the Obama/Bush Tax Cut on only the top brackets is forecast to raise $70B in 2013.
    • The projected deficit is $1.1T.
  • Governor Romney talks about lowering tax rates for everyone but not lowering  “taxes on the wealthiest”
    • Does this mean the Governor supports the tax reform recommendations of the Simpson Bowles Commission?
      • Lower rates
      • Fewer deductions.
        • Specifically which deductions?

We are told by both candidates that this is the “most consequential election of our time”.

But how can that be true when the 4 best speeches of either convention were given by the candidates’ wives, a former Secretary of State and a former president – twelve years removed from office?

The consequence of such political cowardess will be to celebrate the kick off the 2016 Presidential Campaign in 2013.

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